Love Adopt: A Dog Adoption Platform

Juan Carlos Valerio Barreto

Juan Carlos Valerio Barreto / September 15, 2023

1 min read

Love Adopt: A Dog Adoption Platform 🐾

This React application helps users find their next furry friend. With comprehensive search and filter functionalities, you can find dogs based on breeds, age, and more. The user-friendly interface also allows marking favorites with a simple heart icon.

Screenshot of the application


Mockup on Figma

Figma file

  • List All Dogs: View a comprehensive list of available dogs for adoption.
  • Search and Filter: Customize your search based on breeds, age, and other attributes.
  • Favorite Dogs: Mark your favorite dogs and view them later.
  • Responsive Design: Ensuring a seamless experience on all devices.

Getting Started


Make sure you have Node.js and npm installed.


  1. Clone the repo
git clone

cd love-adopt

npm install

npm start

Technology Stack

  • Frontend: React, Redux for state management, and NextUI for UI components.
  • Backend: Consumes an external API for fetching dog data.